Introducing Suncliff CBD Pillows - Your Ultimate Sleep Solution

Experience the ultimate in luxury sleep with Suncliff CBD Pillows, the first-ever CBD infused pillows created in partnership with Purecare. Our pillows are designed to provide you with the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation while you sleep.

With Five World Class CBD Pillows, You've Got Options!

Top Seller:

CBD SoftCell Lite

Let the SoftCell Lite pillow envelop you in a cloud of plush down-alternative support, infused with the calming touch of CBD, ensuring an unparalleled night of rest and tranquility.



Indulge in the ultimate sleep experience with our Bamboo Pillow. Combining luxurious bamboo-rayon and CBD-infused memory foam puffs, it’s the perfect fusion of comfort and tranquility for a restorative night’s sleep.


Cooling Replenish

Drift into a world of serene comfort with the Cooling Replenish pillow, where refreshing coolness meets the gentle embrace of memory foam, cradling you into a blissful night’s sleep.



Down Complete

Melt into the luxurious fusion of timeless down-and-feather softness and innovative cooling technology with the Cooling Down pillow, transporting you to a realm of rejuvenating slumber.


SoftCell Chill

Settle into a harmonious blend of adaptable support and cooling sensation provided by the Soft Cell Chill pillow, sculpting the perfect haven for a restorative and refreshing sleep experience.


A Quick Look At The Lineup:

Lavender Suncliff Bedding Mist with CBD & CBG

Each Suncliff CBD Pillow includes a bottle ($50 Value) of our signature CBD + CBG  lavender Suncliff Bedding Mist, This unique mist complements the pillows perfectly, allowing you to customize your nightly dose of CBD.

Suncliff CBD Pillows Are Finally Here!

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