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Born in the great Pacific Northwest, we have a love of nature at our roots. We understand the benefits of incorporating plants and herbs into your daily wellness routines, and seek to make CBD more accessible to all. Our love of the outdoors drives us to utilize the cleanest processes and most sustainable techniques available to provide the most trusted, consistent and innovative products in the world.

Suncliff promotes a well-balanced lifestyle. Our products are crafted to elevate any activity – from backyard parties, to group hikes or simply relaxing at home. We pride ourselves on our unique formulas, precision techniques, and sustainable products.

We are committed to producing the most effective CBD products possible. Drawing from our experience in medical cannabis, our CBD+ formula combines caryophyllene with other beneficial terpenes & essential oils, naturally increasing the absorption, uptake, and benefits of CBD. Suncliff CBD+ products perform as “Full Spectrum” while containing 0% THC.

We place all of our cannabis products, and some CBD+ products into one of four experiential categories to enable you to easily choose what’s right for your activity. From calm to creative, or social to energetic, you’re in control of your personalized experience. Whether you’re new to cannabis, just looking into the benefits of CBD, or well seasoned, you’ll always find the right product for you.