Upgrade Your Pillow Game...

The Suncliff SoftCell Lite CBD Pillow

Imagine the best sleep of your life, every night. That’s what the Suncliff SoftCell Lite CBD Pillow aims to deliver, thanks to its premium craftsmanship and innovative CBD microdosing technology. And now, you have a chance to win one!

World Class Comfort

Crafted using designer-quality materials, the SoftCell Lite CBD Pillow ensures exceptional comfort and durability, offering you the support you need and the luxury you deserve.

With A Twist of CBD

Our Suncliff SoftCell Lite Pillow is expertly designed to deliver a microdose of CBD to your skin and hair follicles throughout the night. Melt away daily stress and anxiety, and promote a more restful sleep.

CBD+CBG Bedding Mist

Every Suncliff CBD Pillow comes with a full 250mg bottle of our premium CBD+CBG Bedding Mist!

Enhance Your Bedding

With the ability to add CBD with a simple spritz, transform your entire bed into a CBD infused sleep experience.


"The craftsmanship is nothing short of premium, and the subtle micro-dose release of CBD is a game-changer. I wake up refreshed and ready to face the day. This pillow is more than a luxury, it's a necessity for anyone serious about their sleep health!"
Jaxon T - Austin, TX
"I'm genuinely impressed by the quality and thoughtfulness that's gone into this pillow. It's clear that every detail has been considered. I've been using it for two weeks now, and my sleep quality has improved dramatically. I'm falling asleep faster, staying asleep longer, and even my partner has noticed a difference in my mood and energy levels. Great pillow!
Mike V. - Boulder, CO
"As someone who has always struggled with sleep, I've tried everything from melatonin supplements to white noise machines, but I hadn't thought about switching pillows until I saw Jake talking about it.This pillow has been a game changer - the perfect combination of soft but still supportive. I'm going to be getting more of the CBD Mist, it's a really nice touch!
John B. - Seattle, WA
"Having tried all of our pillows, the one I always come back to is the CBD SoftCell Lite."
Jake George
Suncliff, CEO