Your favorite pillow is likely to be the:

Bamboo CBD

Submerge yourself into the soothing caress of the Bamboo pillow, where the delicate strength of bamboo-rayon meets contouring memory foam puffs, weaving an unparalleled tapestry of comfort and relaxation.

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Why We Think You'll Love Your Bamboo CBD Pillow

For those who prefer mid to high loft pillows, the Bamboo pillow is an excellent choice!

Perfect for stomach sleepers, the loft and soft-to-medium firmness provide contouring comfort and pressure relief. The bamboo-rayon fabric and memory foam puffs offer a gentle and supportive sleep surface.


Your runner up...

Cooling Down Complete

For those who prefer mid to high loft pillows but the Bamboo pillow is not the perfect match, the runner-up would be our Cooling Down pillow.

Bunchable from low to high loft, with soft firmness, Down provides a comfortable alternative, suited for most sleepers.


Cooling Down Complete CBD

Experience the luxurious fusion of timeless down-and-feather softness and innovative cooling technology with the Cooling Down pillow, transporting you to a realm of rejuvenating slumber.

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